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K-State Today Student Edition

February 9, 2012

Loudspeaker announces the 'Share Your Voice' campaign

Submitted by Brock Ingmire

Loudspeaker, a student-led nonprofit advocacy group, wants to hear your voice. On Feb. 13,  Loudspeaker will be promoting a one-day social media campaign, "Share Your Voice." The group will accept audio, video and written submissions from college students across the United States to the question: "Why do you love your voice?"

"College students are one of the major driving forces behind advancing any social cause or political movement in today’s environment," said Chandler Johnson, Loudspeaker's executive director. "Too often, however, we don’t take full advantage of this. We want to empower people to recognize the full power of their voice."

Loudspeaker hopes "Share Your Voice" inspires people to be more vocal about their thoughts and opinions, as well as listening to their oppositions and considering their perspective. This endeavor is part of Loudspeaker‘s yearlong campaign, "The Year of Our Voices," to show the power that people have in using their voices.

"This past year has created the perfect timing for people to realize how much of a force their voices can be to create the change they want to see," Johnson said. "The revolutions in the Middle East, the protest of Internet censorship and the 2012 presidential election have shown how a person’s voice not only needs to be heard, but also are a defining part of what our nation can become. We hope people take a moment out of their day to share why their voice is important. Once we understand the power in our voices, we can start the dialogue that creates change."

To share your voice and find out more about the campaign, Loudspeaker encourages everyone to go to its Facebook page, www.facebook.com/speechneverdies, give them a tweet on Twitter at @speechneverdies, or go to www.speecheneverdies.org. The "Share Your Voice" campaign is intended for anyone who wants to have his or her voice heard in a meaningful and respected forum. These locations will give you the tools necessary to share your voice with folks who want to hear it and spread it to the masses.

Loudspeaker is a nonprofit advocacy group started by three Kansas State University undergraduate students. It’s an online radio show, video podcast and website that provides an in-depth and artistic look into the questions facing our society. The Loudspeaker’s staff's passion for collegiate forensics (competitive speaking), initially, sparked the idea for the organization. Loudspeaker believes in the power of public discourse and the conviction that speech and your voice should never die. Loudspeaker is an opportunity to participate in a forum, lend your voice to a cause, or just listen in to gain a new perspective. Basically, Loudspeaker is here to amplify the paths of communication and turn up the volume in the world.

For more information, visit: www.speechneverdies.org.