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K-State Today Student Edition

February 9, 2012

Positive influence: Senior from Wichita finds his voice in Black Student Union

Submitted by Communications and Marketing

Kansas State University's Bronson Blackwell attributes his development as a person, leader and scholar to his attendance at a Black Student Union meeting three years ago.

"I got involved in Black Student Union midway through my first semester here at K-State," he said. "I was actually persuaded by a friend to attend a meeting and I pretty much never looked back."

Blackwell, a senior in finance, Wichita, has been highly involved with the organization ever since, having served in a variety of executive board positions. He is now president of the student organization.

As president, Blackwell has worked to increase the level of participation of members and enhance the amount of assistance provided to students in obtaining their professional and scholastic goals.

"I can say that it has kept me busy and has definitely influenced my K-State experience in a great way," he said. "I have grown a lot through my involvement with Black Student Union. That growth has helped me get internships and improve my study habits. It has also helped me grow politically. I am more aware about how I carry myself at all times, not just in meetings."

Blackwell said his involvement with Black Student Union has also strengthened his connection with his African-American culture throughout his time spent with the organization.

"It has increased my ability to relate," he said. "Knowing some of the different struggles that people of our race go through is definitely big. Not everyone goes through the same things in any race, so seeing those struggles and graces can give you a better grasp and appreciation."

After graduating from the university, Blackwell will work for ConocoPhillips as a 2012 summer intern. He is also considering continuing his education to obtain a law degree and master's degree in business administration.

Along with serving in Black Student Union, Blackwell has been a Student Governing Association intern and former president of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., where he is currently the treasurer. A 2008 graduate of Wichita Heights High School, he is the son of Dennis Blackwell and LaNetra Halcromb.