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July 17, 2014

Survey results show seniors rate undergraduate experience positively

Submitted by Chris Urban

Graduating seniors continue to rate Kansas State University highly in many areas. Of the 2,022 respondents, a 56 percent response rate, to the 2013-14 Senior Survey, more than 95 percent rated their undergraduate experience positively and indicated they would recommend K-State to others.

Offered each semester by the Office of Assessment, the Senior Survey is designed to give undergraduate students the opportunity to reflect upon their K-State experiences. This information is used to improve the college experience for future students by identifying strengths in our programs as well as areas that need further development. The survey includes issues relating to satisfaction with academic programs, intellectual and personal growth, student services and preparation for a career or graduate school.

For the second year, the Senior Survey included questions relating to undergraduate research, a point of emphasis in the K-State 2025 plan. Fifty-five percent of respondents reported participating in a research or creative endeavor during their undergraduate education, an 11 percent increase compared to the 2012-13 survey. In addition, more than 65 percent of students reported faculty encouragement to participate in research or creative projects.

K-State seniors also reported progress in many other academic areas. More than 92 percent of respondents reported progress in the ability to think critically, the ability to interact positively with people different from themselves, and the ability to participate as team members. High levels of satisfaction also were reported for various offices and services across campus.

Detailed reports, results tables, infographics and additional information about the Senior Survey can be found on the Office of Assessment website.