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K-State Today Student Edition

April 4, 2014

Sociology graduate students present research at annual Midwest Sociological Society meeting

Submitted by Sarah Donley

Several sociology master's degree and doctoral students are presenting their research at the Midwest Sociological Society’s annual meeting April 3-6 in Omaha, Neb. The theme of the conference is "Left Behind Sociology: Revisiting Old Ideas, Old Theories, and Understudied People."

The presenters and their associated research include:

Joab Esamwata, "Importing Food Aid and Exporting Food? Agriculture, the State, and Kenya in the World Food System"

Arjun Kharel, "Farmer Suicide or "Death by Cotton": Why Do Indian Cotton Growers Choose to End Their Lives?"

Iveta Ķešāne, "Solidarity Disrupted, Democracy Challenged: Protests by School Teachers and Farmers in Post-Soviet Latvia"

Nodira Davlyatova, "Challenges, Costs, and Efforts to Manage Unregulated Migration: A Case Study of Migration from the Post-Soviet Tajikistan to Russia"

Krystal Cooper, "Bend and Not Break: Coping with Poverty in Third World Countries Post Conflict: Analysis of Impact on Countries’ Health Pre and Post Conflict"

Nicole John-Danzell, "Widowhood and Aging: The Gendered Experience of Identity Foreclosure"

Stanley Veitch, "Distinctive Drinking: Beer Consumption and Cultural Capital"

Krystal Cooper, "Affordable Care Act: War on the Upper Middle Class?"

Arjun Kharel, "Banning/Allowing the Migration of Women Workers: Nepalese States Dilemma over Women Employment Overseas"

Krystal Lawson, "Gender as Social Institution and Social Control"

Several other graduate students are serving as discussant or organizer for several sessions at the conference. Sarah Donley and Ana Luiza de Campos Paula are serving as discussants for a session on diversity in the workplace; Krystal Lawson is serving as discussant for a session on gender performance and interaction; and Nodira Davlyatova is serving as discussant on a panel regarding international students in sociology.