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October 1, 2013

K-State to host an Institute for Theoretical Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics workshop Nov. 4-6

Submitted by Kim Coy

Experimental and theoretical physicists from around the world will gather at Kansas State University Nov. 4-6 for an Institute for Theoretical Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, or ITAMP, Workshop. This workshop is a joint venture between Harvard University and the James R. Macdonald Laboratory in K-State’s physics department.

The workshop, "Ultrafast Atomic and Molecular Physics with Cutting Edge Light Sources: New Opportunities and Challenges," will bring 20 eminent speakers from around the world, including Tobias Brixner, University of Wurzburg; David Tannor, Weizmann Institute of Science; and Kiyoshi Ueda, Tohoku University. The theme of the workshop ties closely to the research performed in the Macdonald Laboratory.

The workshop will begin with a welcoming reception on Sunday, Nov. 3, in the Alumni Center. Talks and poster sessions are scheduled Monday through Wednesday. The College of Arts and Sciences Dean Peter Dorhout will say a few brief words of welcome Monday morning.

Conference organizers are Brett Esry and Vinod Kumarappan from K-State, along with Marc Vrakking from the Max Born Institute in Berlin, Germany.

This conference has been made possible in part from the financial support from industrial sponsor KMLabs as well as a K-State Academic Excellence grant and the physics department.

Graduate students and postdocs interested in atomic, molecular and optical physics are encouraged to register for the conference. More information about the conference is available online.