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March 27, 2024

APDesign hosts Ekdahl Lecture Series featuring renowned industrial designer Sushant Vohra

Submitted by Thom Jackson

Sushant Vohra

The College of Architecture, Planning & Design, or APDesign, at Kansas State University announces the upcoming Ekdahl Lecture series event featuring distinguished industrial designer Sushant Vohra. The lecture will take place at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 27, in the Regnier Forum in 1117 Regnier Hall on the Manhattan campus.

Vohra, an Indian industrial designer currently based in Seattle, Washington, brings a wealth of experience and innovation to the forefront of design. With a mission to bridge technology and culture, Vohra is renowned for his problem-solving approach and results-oriented design philosophy

Having worked with prestigious companies such as Steelcase in Hong Kong, Kiska in Austria, and Astro Studios in San Francisco, Vohra currently contributes to the future of outer space, mobility and consumer experiences at Teague, the oldest design consultancy in the U.S.

During the past six years, Vohra has delivered groundbreaking design solutions across various markets, including consumer technology, furniture and space travel. His impressive portfolio includes collaborations with industry giants like Logitech, Adobe, Steelcase, Western Digital and Samsung, as well as innovative startups such as Modern Fertility, JDS Labs and the popular Kickstarter sensation Ebite.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Vohra is deeply committed to nurturing a supportive community for fellow Indian designers worldwide through his initiative Young Designers India, which boasts more than 2,600 members across diverse design disciplines.

In the lecture, titled "Dear Future Designer," Vohra explains how design is changing and so must designers. "Dear Future Designer" is a letter to the designers of tomorrow, navigating a rapidly evolving creative landscape. In today's economic climate, more designers are questioning the conventional career trajectory, as it has not fostered a sense of creative confidence among emerging talent. In this talk, Vohra dives into why it's more important than ever for designers to build their brand, find or build a creative community and embrace culture as much as we embrace technology. From working with AI as a design collaborator to wielding content creation and marketing skill sets, Vohra discusses the role of design beyond problem solving. Through Vohra's design projects that vary from audio devices to space stations, this talk aims to empower the next-gen designers to look at shaping the future with inspiration that goes beyond design domains and innovative tools that are yet to be imagined. Vohra will share insights into his innovative design process, discuss his experiences working with global brands, and delve into the future of design in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

"We are pleased to welcome Mr. Vohra to our campus for the Ekdahl Lecture series," said Nathan Howe, professor and department head of interior architecture & industrial design at APDesign. "His expertise and passion for pushing the boundaries of design will undoubtedly inspire our students and faculty as we continue to explore the intersection of creativity, technology and culture."

The Ekdahl Lecture Series, named in honor of the esteemed architect Oscar S. Ekdahl, aims to showcase the transformative power of design and planning in addressing global challenges. Ekdahl, a distinguished alumnus of Kansas State University, graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture in 1933. This series seeks to uphold his legacy by inviting renowned architects and thinkers to share their insights and expertise with the university community and the public.