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K-State Today

March 20, 2024

TLC Professional Development Series: Jon Ulmer

Submitted by Ashley A. Schiffer

As part of the Teaching and Learning Center's Professional Development Series, Jon Ulmer, professor of agricultural education, will present "Engaging Students in the Material for Appropriate Depth of Learning" from noon to 1 p.m. today, Wednesday, March 20, via Zoom

Each time a teacher prepares a lesson, they must determine how to best engage the student in the material. When the lesson's outcome is for students to remember facts, the teaching methods can be very teacher-centered and straightforward. As the outcomes move toward performing a skill or task, that teaching must include some engagement in the material. However, not all tasks can be completed safely or in a classroom. When it is time to engage students in the material, it is time to think of engagement on a spectrum.

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