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March 8, 2024

Wildcat 91.9 dominates at KAB Student Awards

Submitted by Hailey Case

Wildcat 91.9, the student-run radio station at Kansas State University, emerged as the dominant award winner at the 2024 Kansas Association of Broadcasters, or KAB, Student Awards.

Wildcat 91.9 swept the competition, securing an impressive total of 40 awards. The triumph underscores the dedication, skill and innovation embedded within the station's ethos, further solidifying its position as a beacon of excellence.

Wildcat Electronic Media, a combination of Wildcat 91.9 and Channel 8 News, clinched an impressive 51.6% of all first-place awards and secured 48.1% of all awards overall. The station's triumph was further solidified with 16 first-place finishes, 15 second-place honors and nine honorable mentions.

"The dedication from all the students at 91.9 and the diversification of our sound wouldn't have been possible without our leadership team on the executive board and our former Chief Operator Ian Punnett, who helped pave the way for students to have a space where they know they belong," said Dawson Wagner, assistant chief operator of Wildcat 91.9. 

It is with deep sadness that Wildcat 91.9 notes the passing of Ian Punnett in December 2023 after battling a brief illness. Punnett led 91.9 for six years, a tenure that culminated in the station winning the Best Radio Station in the Nation by the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System in 2023.

The ceremony to honor the outstanding achievements of Wildcat 91.9 will take place in April, allowing students to accept their well-deserved awards and celebrate their hard-earned successes.

View the full list of winners. 

For more information about Wildcat 91.9, visit www.wildcat919.com or contact Hailey Case, promotions director, at hhaileycase@k-state.edu