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March 25, 2024

Weekly global religious, spiritual and nonreligious observance information

Submitted by David Yetter

The President's Committee on Religion, Spirituality and Nonreligious Diversity presents the global observance information for March 25-31. 

Feast of the Annunciation — Monday, March 25. Tradition: Christianity-Protestant, Christianity-Roman Catholic, Christianity-Orthodox. Commemorates the Annunciation of Christ to the Virgin Mary and the beginning of his incarnation.

Holi — Monday, March 25. Tradition: Hinduism. A joyous spring Hindu festival that is dedicated to Krishna in some parts of India; in other parts of India, it is dedicated to Kama, the God of Pleasure. People throw colored water or colored powder in celebration.

Birthday of Prophet Zarathustra, Khordad Sal — Tuesday, March 2. Tradition: Zoroastrianism. The anniversary of the birth of the founder of the Zoroastrian faith.

Holy Thursday/Maundy Thursday — Thursday, March 28. Tradition: Christianity-Protestant, Christianity-Roman Catholic. Commemorates the institution of the Lord's Supper/the Eucharist by Jesus prior to his arrest and execution. "Maundy" is derived from the Latin text of John 13:34, in which Jesus gives a mandatum novum or "new commandment."

Good Friday — Friday, March 29. Tradition: Christianity-Protestant, Christianity-Roman Catholic. Commemorates the passion of Jesus Christ, i.e., his death by crucifixion.

Easter Sunday — Sunday, March 31. Tradition: Christianity-Protestant, Christianity-Roman Catholic. Celebrates the resurrection from death of Jesus Christ. It is the oldest and most important festival in the Christian year and initiates the 50-day period culminating in Pentecost.

Hydesville Day — Sunday, March 31. Tradition: Spiritualism. On this date in 1848, the discarnate soul of Charles B. Rosna communicated via the mediumship of the Fox sisters heralding the advent of Modern Spiritualism.

Great Lent — March 18 through May 4. Tradition: Christianity-Orthodox. In Orthodox churches, the first day of Lent marks the beginning of the Great Fast, the final six weeks of a 10-week period leading up to Holy Week and Easter, or Pascha.

Ramadan — March 11 through April 10. Tradition: Islam. The Holy Month of Ramadan is the month of fasting during which Muslims who are physically able do not eat or drink from the first sign of dawn until sunset in honor of the first revelations to the Prophet Muhammad. The evening meal is celebrated with family.

The President's Committee on Religious, Spiritual and Nonreligious Diversity welcomes those of all global religious, spiritual and nonreligious commitments. Further, we welcome any suggestions, questions or other comments. Please contact the committee’s chair, David Yetter, at dyetter@k-state.edu

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