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March 4, 2024

Participants needed for nicotine study

Submitted by Charles L. Pickens

The Pickens lab in the psychological sciences department is looking for people who are 18-35 years old and:

  • Regularly use nicotine products on a daily basis, including some morning use to start their day. These people will be permitted to use nicotine normally before the study. 
  • Do not currently use any nicotine products or have any history of using nicotine.

Participants will answer questions about use of nicotine and other legal drug use. They will then participate in a computer-based learning task. This study is similar to the Colored Line Discrimination, Colored Rectangle Discrimination, or Colored Square and Card Suit Discrimination study run in the psychological sciences department, so we are looking for people who have not previously participated in those studies.

The research study can be completed within 45 minutes, and participants will receive $20 for their participation.

If interested, please contact Paige Anderson at 785-456-4686. This study was approved under Institutional Review Board No. 11498.