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K-State Today

July 26, 2013

K-State Online new feature on dropped and manually removed students

Submitted by Information Technology Services

A new feature is available in K-State Online as of Thursday, July 25. This release allows instructors to review the work of dropped and manually removed students in courses in K-State Online. This modification will support new business rules for instructors reporting students' activity in a course to the office of student financial assistance and make it easier for instructors to validate the participation of dropped students within a specific course. 

The K-State Online roster now has a new filter that shows dropped students and the date and time they were removed. Students who have dropped a course will be listed in the Dropped Participants view on the Roster, Gradebook, Assignments and Attendance.  Individual assignment Scores pages can all be filtered to show these students as well.

This feature allows instructors to:

  • Access any completed online course work, attendance records and grades that students may have received prior to dropping.
  • Report whether a student receiving a grade of "F" or "NC" participated in any academic-related activity.

Students that are dropped via iSIS integration and students who are manually removed by the instructor are presented in the same way. The label "Removed" in the roster status is generalized to represent both dropped and removed students.

If you would like more information on how to use this new feature,  click the K-State Online help section.