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K-State Today

July 22, 2013

Rolling eID password change for faculty, staff

Submitted by Information Technology Services

As you prepare for the students to return to campus to start the new semester, you might think that it is time for the campuswide password change period. However, K-State has transitioned from set password-change periods to an individual password expiration.

K-State eID passwords will now need to be changed every 180 days. This enhancement is designed to distribute the password expirations throughout the year, as opposed to the set times we had in the past. 

What does this mean for me?

Your eID password will need to be changed at least every 180 days. Your 180 days began the last time you changed your password. To check when your password will expire, sign in to Connect by clicking the "Sign in" button from the K-State homepage.

When you change your password, a new 180-day time frame begins. You will receive an email reminder two weeks and then again two days before your password expires, prompting you to change your password. Remember, once you make the change, you will need to update your computers, devices and applications with the new password, including:

  • KSU wireless and/or KSU housing wireless connections. Go to wireless.k-state.edu/connect.
  • Your local email and calendar client
  • Mobile devices such as your cellphone or tablet

It is your responsibility to keep your eID password private. K-State policy prohibits sharing eID passwords. For password help, visit k-state.edu/its/eid.