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October 9, 2023

New Localist event creation form launching Oct. 20

Submitted by Michelle Kejr

The university's events management system provider, Localist, is rolling out a new event creation form on Oct. 20.

Localist has been testing the event form in Beta for several months and is ready to make it the sole event form. The new form design offers a clean, visually appealing interface with intuitive navigation that guides you through each step of the event creation process.

The key features of the new form are:

  • Modular layout: The new event form is divided into logical sections, allowing you to focus on one aspect of the event at a time, reducing confusion and cognitive load.
  • Section completion save: The form now saves your inputs as you complete each section, keeping your information secure.
  • Streamlined user interface: The form's user-friendly design ensures a smooth and efficient event creation process.

The Beta form is available for all event admins interested in testing it before the launch of the new form. The old form will no longer be available on Oct. 20. For any questions or assistance, email calendar@k-state.edu.