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February 8, 2023

Thirty-nine Kansas State University faculty members granted sabbatical leave

Submitted by Tanya Gonzalez

Kansas State University is granting sabbatical leave to 39 faculty members during the 2023-2024 academic year.

The purpose of a sabbatical leave is to provide faculty members with the opportunity for scholarly and professional enrichment. Sabbatical leave allows faculty to pursue advanced study, conduct research studies, engage in scholarly and creative activities, or secure appropriate industrial or professional experience. Once faculty members return from their sabbaticals, they are expected to share the knowledge and experience they gained with their students, colleagues and the K-State community.

Faculty members being granted sabbatical leave include: Sajid Alavi, grain science; Rebecca Bender, modern languages; Troy Brockway, aviation; Sanjoy Das, electrical and computer engineering; Walter Dodds, biology; Bret Flanders, physics; Jack Fry, northeast regional extension office; Alisa Garni, sociology, anthropology, and social work; Philip Gayle, economics; Matthew Gaynor, art; Sherry Haar, interior design and fashion studies; Mustaque Hossain, civil engineering; Daniel Hoyt, English; Andrew Ivanov, physics; Loretta Johnson, biology; Sara Kearns, academic services; Brice Lacroix, geology; Melody LeHew, interior design and fashion studies; Xiannan Li, mathematics.

Jia Liang, educational leadership; Xiaomao Lin, agronomy; Bin Liu, chemical engineering; Sara Luly, modern languages; Phillip Marzluf, English; Kara Northway, English; Sunghun Park, horticulture and natural resources; Kaitlyn Peine, K-State Research and Extension; Julie Pentz, music, theatre, and dance; Abdelmoneam Raef, geology; Sarah Reznikoff, mathematics; Jason Scuilla, art; Philip Tiemeyer, history; Michael Tobler, biology; Donghai Wang, biological and agricultural engineering; Frank Weyher, sociology, anthropology, and social work; Hongyu Wu, electrical and computer engineering; Chih-Hang Wu, industrial and manufacturing systems engineering; Anna Marie Wytko, music, theatre, and dance; and Lydia Zeglin, biology.