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K-State Today

December 14, 2022

Update on Manhattan campus space relocations

Submitted by Ethan Erickson

Earlier this fall I announced the university’s plan to raze several deteriorating buildings in order to address our deferred maintenance backlog, generate operating efficiencies and increase space utilization. In partnership with the affected departments, we worked to identify existing space for relocation while achieving several university and Kansas Board of Regents goals:

  • Provide a better working environment.
  • Improve alignment of the relocated departments with the customers they serve or collaborating entities.
  • Maximize building space utilization.
  • Align necessary renovation costs with the reduction of the deferred maintenance backlog.

Today, I am pleased to share the strategic unit relocation plans identified to support these actions. Necessary renovations are underway and all relocations will be completed by fall 2023. In addition, insight from leaders at Kansas State University Police, the College of Health and Human Sciences and K-State Gardens are included at the conclusion of this letter.

Relocation plans for current occupants of Edwards Hall, currently rated F in condition, to space that is rated B or better are:

  • Human Capital Services will relocate to the first and second floors of Dykstra Hall.
  • Environmental Health and Safety will relocate to the first floor of Dykstra Hall and the training center building north of Dykstra Hall.
  • K-State Police department will relocate to Stone House.
  • Office of Institutional Equity will relocate to the second floor of Kedzie Hall.
  • Ag Extension unit is transitioning to fully remote work.

Relocation plans for current occupants of the natatorium, currently rated F in condition, to space that is rated C or better are:

  • Department of Kinesiology main office and staff will relocate to Justin Hall.
  • Kinesiology research space will relocate to Lafene.

Relocation plans for current occupants of the gymnasium, currently rated D in condition, to space that is rated C or better are:

  • College of Health and Human Sciences will relocate offices to Justin Hall and Lafene.
  • College of Engineering will relocate two offices to the Engineering Complex.
  • K-State Athletics will relocate to new training facilities at the Athletics complex.
  • UFM courses, recreation center club sports and military science activities will be relocated to various campus buildings based on needs.

As a reminder, the demolition of the K-State Gardens' conservatory will begin in spring 2023. The removal was announced in the fall and does not require staff to be relocated.

As we look to the future, the university’s next phase of space migration will focus on vacating the Unger Complex and returning staff to main campus. The deferred maintenance backlog at Unger Complex is $35 million, and eliminating space at the Unger Complex will generate approximately $600,000 in annual operating efficiencies and increase space utilization within buildings located on campus. Space planning with departments housed in Unger begins in January 2023. Space renovations to main campus buildings resulting from Unger relocations begin in early fall 2023. The earliest date relocations from Unger would begin is summer 2024 and is subject to change. The future status of the Unger complex will be finalized as part of our Campus Master Planning process.

Overall, these actions eliminate approximately $65 million from K-State's estimated $430 million deferred maintenance backlog, generate approximately $1.1 million in annual operating efficiencies and reduce approximately 200,000 square feet of space.

These actions require support and significant effort from multiple units and departments across campus. Thank you for your assistance, flexibility and continued patience as we work through these changes.

Ethan Erickson
Vice president for administration and finance

Kansas State University Police Department:
“With the Kansas State University Police Department’s move to Stone House, we’ll now be in a more visible and accessible location to best emphasize our availability to anyone on campus, or within the surrounding community, who may be in need of our services.” – Andrew Moeller, captain with K-State Police Department

Human Capital Services
"This move to Dykstra Hall provides a number of positive outcomes for Human Capital Services: it moves us from a space that has challenges, it gets us more central to the vibrancy of our campus and it moves us into a revitalized space that will allow us to work more collaboratively together." – Jay Stephens, vice president of Human Capital Services

College of Health and Human Sciences:
“The Department of Kinesiology offers one of the largest majors at Kansas State University. Relocating the main departmental office to newly renovated space in Justin Hall, to be completed next summer, will help integrate the department with other units within the college and provide an improved environment for faculty and current and prospective students,” – Craig Harms, interim dean of the College of Health and Human Sciences

K-State Gardens:
“The announcement of the conservatory demolition is bittersweet for K-State Gardens. Since its closure in 2009, we have been working hard to raise funds for asbestos abatement and a conservatory renovation and expansion plan. While removing the building and clearing the site will leave a huge void at the gardens, it eliminates major life safety hazards that currently exist and allow us to prepare the site for the rebuild. When reconstructed, the conservatory will have environmental controls, ADA accessibility, historical embellishments that were lost over the years and an addition to the north to accommodate numerous educational activities. We are very excited about the future expansion plans, and we hope those that love the conservatory will help us secure funding for its reconstruction in the very near future.” – Scott McElwain, director of the K-State Gardens