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June 23, 2022

Spring 2022 Faculty Development Awards and University Small Research Grants awarded

Submitted by Erin Pennington

The Office of Research Development announces the winners of spring 2022 Faculty Development Awards and University Small Research Grants.

Faculty Development Awards support travel expenses to present research, scholarly or creative work or a performance at an international meeting or to visit an external funder or sponsor. University Small Research Grants are seed grants to support small research projects, scholarly activity, and other creative efforts. Both programs are meant to catalyze a faculty member's RSCAD career success. As such, new faculty and faculty from disciplines with minimal outside support are given priority for both awards, as are trips or projects that enhance awardees' abilities to compete for extramural funding.

Five Faculty Development Award proposals were submitted and awarded for a total amount requested of $14,570:

  • Amy Rosine Underwood, music, theatre, and dance, to perform at the International Congress of Voice Teachers in Vienna, Austria; $2,931.
  • Marcellus Caldas, geography and geospatial sciences and Office of International Programs, to attend the 60th annual Conference of the Brazilian Association of Economy, Administration and Rural Sociology in Rio Grande Do Norte, Brazil; $2,408.
  • Edward Nowlin, marketing, to attend the 15th annual Global Sales Science Institute Conference in Frankfurt, Germany; $1,941.
  • Benjamin McCloskey, modern languages, to attend the Celtic Conference in Classics, Socratic Dialectic as the Genre of Xenophon's Corpus in Lyon, France; $3,500.
  • Natalia Cernicchiaro, diagnostic medicine and pathobiology, to attend the International Symposium of Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia; $3,790.

Ten University Small Research Grant proposals were submitted and will be funded. The total award amount is $40,502:

  • Anna Marie Wytko, music, theatre, and dance, "Under the Twinkling Sky: An exploration of musical diversity recording project," $4,930.
  • Mark Crosby, English, "Indexing for Manuscript: 'William Blake's Manuscripts: Puzzles and Palimpsests'," $1,175.
  • Tianjun Sun, psychological sciences, "Validity examination of artificial intelligence chatbot based personality assessment for personnel selection," $4,500.
  • Kristin Anders, applied human sciences, "Practitioner-patience sexual communication: A pilot study of education, experiences and recommendations by health care practitioners," $4,500.
  • Maria Diehl, psychological sciences, "The role of the anterior cingulate cortex in active avoidance under social conditions in rats,'" $4,500.
  • Michael Flynn, political science, "Computational resources for the analysis of military deployments," $4,500.
  • Pedreira Bruno, Southeast Research and Extension, "Broomsedge control on hayfields and meadows," $4,488.
  • Bethany Plakke, psychological sciences, "Can exercise rescue cognitive function in a genetic rodent model of autism spectrum disorder?" $4,500.
  • Bimal Paul, geography and geospatial sciences, "Household compliance with public seismic safety measures after Nepal earthquake," $4,500.
  • Elisa Karkle, grain science and industry, "Increase of iron availability in whole wheat bread using inactive sourdough," $2,909.

All proposals are peer-reviewed and discussed in a panel. Unsuccessful applicants are given feedback on how to improve their proposals. University Small Research Grant reviewers were Mary Lou Marino, Office of Research Development; Joel Anderson, Office of Research Development; Jeba Chelladurai, diagnostic medicine/pathobiology; Sim Jung Jun, sociology; Kutay Guler, interior architecture and industrial design; and Rebecca Hakemann-Bahlman, art.

Faculty Development Awards and University Small Research Grants are awarded each fall and spring by the Office of the Vice President for Research through the Office of Research Development.