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March 21, 2022

Race To Waste week 6 results

Submitted by Bill Spiegel

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In the sixth week of the Race for Waste competition, Kansas State University is in first place in the Big 12 in both diversion and per capita categories. There is still time to increase our recycling efforts over the next two weeks. The competition began on Jan. 30 and continues through March 26. Let's keep the drive alive — it is still really close.

Results through week 6:

Big 12                                              Rank             Percentage 
Kansas State University                        38              34.43
University of Texas, Austin           47              27.61
West Virginia                                       73              13.10
University of Houston                           77                7.7

Per Capita
Kansas State University                       55               4.51
Iowa State University                          66               2.92
University of Texas, Austin          73               2.32
West Virginia                                      79               1.64