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July 23, 2021

Burrack presents at national symposium

Submitted by Frederick William Burrack

Frederick Burrack, director of assessment and graduate chair for music, presented a session at the National Symposium for the Practicing Musician. The session titled "A New Age of Assessment" was designed to help music educators across the nation integrate and use the assessment rubrics that are integrated into the online platform. 

Burrack is involved with the Practicing Musician as a result of acting as co-chair of a team of music researchers that developed and tested the Model Cornerstone Assessments that align with the National Standards for Music. He is guiding the Practicing Musician, a world-class online instrumental music education platform designed to imitate in-person music lessons, maintain alignment with the national standards and working to address all components of the national standards by integrating the assessment rubrics into the platform. This will help teachers develop and maintain a comprehensive music program that is supported by years of scholarly research on child development in music, while providing valid and reliable means of documenting student learning.