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October 27, 2011

Geology faculty, students present at various national conferences

Submitted by Saugata Datta

Faculty members and students from the department of geology have given a variety of presentations during the last several months.

The Geological Society of America's annual meeting from Oct. 9-12 in Minneapolis, Minn., featured strong participation from the department.

Saugata Datta, assistant professor, Deon van Der Merwe, assistant professor of diagnostic medicine and pathobiology, and colleagues presided over the session "T203. Climate, Water and Health."

Datta and colleagues presented “Geochemistry of toxic and potentially toxic oxyanion-forming metals and metalloids in groundwaters.”

Datta, Robinson Barker, master's student, Sophia Ford, and Logan Kelly, junior, and colleagues presented “Mineralogy and geochemistry of Arbuckle saline aquifer in south central Kansas: Implications for CO2 sequestration.”

Datta, Andrew Neal, former master's student, and colleagues presented “Linking sediment geochemistry to arsenic and manganese mobility in Murshidabad, West Bengal, India.”

Datta, O.C. Eke, master's student, and colleagues presented “Nitrate dynamics in a Kansas grassland – effect on ecosystem health.”

Datta and colleagues presented “Monsoonal influence on stable isotope signature and arsenic distribution in groundwaters: A case study from West Bengal, India.”

Matt Brueseke, assistant professor, and colleagues convened and presided over the session "T25. Recent Advances in Studies of Large-Volume Silicic Volcanism: Stratigraphy, Architecture, Evolution."

Brueseke and Zac Hasten, master's student, presented "Mid-Miocene silicic volcanism in the Owyhee Mountains (ID): Local physical and geochemical characteristics and implications for regional magmatism linked to the inception of the Yellowstone hotspot."

Brueseke, Casey Bulen, master's student, and colleagues presented "Using basement wells to investigate the subsurface Cambrian bimodal volcanic record in the southern Oklahoma Aulacogen."

Brueseke and colleagues presented "Hydrothermal precious-metal and sulfide nanoparticle transport and deposition and the genesis of bonanza epithermal ores."

George Clark, professor, presented “Organic matrix preservation in lower paleozoic brachiopods is more common than we think.”

Clark and Bobby Ford, master's student, presented “Conulariid tests: microstructure, orgnic matrix and mineralogy.”

Joel Spencer, assistant professor, Jack Oviatt, professor, Manas Pathak, former visiting student, Yuxin Fan, former postdoctoral researcher, and Andrea Leggett, master's student, presented "Testing and refining the timing of hydrologic evolution during the latest Pleistocene regressive phase of Lake Bonneville."

Allen Archer, associate professor, presented “Hypertidal ranges and sedimentation in carboniferous and modern tidal rhythmites.”

The American Association of Petroleum Geologists Mid-Continetal Regional Meeting, Oct. 2-4 in Oklahoma City, also featured strong participation from the department.

Sambhudas Chaudhuri, professor, Matthew Totten, associate professor, and colleagues presented “Rare earth elements could be a useful geochemical tracer in formation hydraulic fracturing schemes for enhanced gas and oil production.”

Totten, Michael Lambert, visiting assistant professor, and Tyler Hill, former master's student, presented “Potential Source Rocks in the Western Kansas Petroleum Province.”

Totten, Chaudhuri, Datta and Drew Evans, former graduate student, presented “The Compartmentalization and Biomarker Analysis of the Spivey-Grabs-Basil Oil Field, South-Central Kansas.”

Abdelmoneam Raef, assistant professor, Derik Ohl, master's student, and colleagues presented "Rock formation characterization for CO‐EOR and carbon geosequestration; 3D seismic amplitude and coherency anomalies, Wellington Field, Kansas, USA," at the Society of Exploration Geophysicists annual meeting, Sept. 18-23 in San Antonio.  

Raef and colleagues presented "Evaluation of CO2 Sequestration Potential in Ozark Plateau Aquifer System (OPAS) in Southern Kansas - Initial Studies," at the American Association of Petroleum Geology's annual convention, April 10-13 in Houston.