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K-State Today

February 8, 2013

The culture of health, safety at Kansas State University: Survey to identify high-risk environments

Submitted by Steve Galitzer

On a university campus there are many environments where students, staff and faculty can encounter hazards to their health and well-being. Over the last few years there have been numerous serious accidents in higher risk environments at universities across the United States. Evidence points to a lack of observance of safety guidelines and procedures as a major cause. For example, a greater focus may be put on doing a job at the expense of safety.

As a response to calls from national lab and campus safety organizations, we have developed a survey to help us identify high-risk environments at Kansas State University and how faculty, staff and students approach safety issues in these environments. This information will be used by the department of environmental health and safety to develop procedures and processes for creating a safer campus environment.

If you receive this survey through your Kansas State University email, please take 10 minutes of your day to complete it. Thank you for your cooperation.

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