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June 22, 2020

'Get Online': A new podcast for faculty and students

Submitted by Amanda Burris

Get Online Podcast Logo

Great Plains IDEA, a consortium of universities including K-State that collaborate to offer online, flexible, affordable degree programs for a virtual community of diverse learners, is hosting a new podcast called "Get Online..."

"Get Online..." helps students and faculty align expectations around online education. Each episode includes expert advice and creative resources to inform and enrich the online educational experience. Listen from the website at gpidea.org/podcast or you can find "Get Online..." wherever you listen to podcasts.

Adult learners are busy balancing work, family and now graduate school. Faculty have many demands of their time and numerous students to teach. How can they meet in the middle? What should their expectations be of each other? Of themselves? The "Get Online..." podcast will help both groups better understand how to better navigate the graduate student experience.

The first series, "Get Online with Academic Advising," tackles the topic of academic advising. You'll hear first-hand from faculty and students as they share their experiences, ask tough questions, and get advice from an array of guests, including experts from several of NACADA's advising communities. "Get Online with Academic Advising" is now available wherever you listen to podcasts.

"Get Online with Academic Advising" answers the following questions and many more:

  • How is online advising different than on-campus advising from the learner viewpoint? From the faculty viewpoint?
  • How can students be proactive in their academic advising relationship?
  • How can faculty advisors create a sense of community and belonging for online graduate students?
  • What is the role of the academic advisor in regards to career development?
  • How can students take ownership in career advising?

Future episodes will continue to focus on the online educational experience for graduate students and faculty, although topics will range from student support to online leadership to what happens after graduation. We will explore the world of online and distance learning through the stories of students, faculty, and staff from inside and outside of Great Plains IDEA.

The Great Plains IDEA alliance offers high-quality, academic programs that are greater in reach and significance than any single university could offer alone by sharing resources in efficient ways. Visit gpidea.org to learn more about Great Plains IDEA.