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May 12, 2020

K-State is Big 12 winner in Recyclemania 2020

Submitted by Bill Spiegel

recycle  symbol

K-State has won the Big 12 in the 2020 Recyclemania competition, which was Feb. 2-March 28.

This is all part of how we come together and show our support for this great effort. Many thanks go out to the students, faculty, staff and facility custodians who recycle and empty the countless recycle bins. Congratulations on another successful campaign. 

Big 12 Conference 

                                      Ranking    Diversion, percentage pounds
Kansas State University      67          38.597
West Virginia University     139         11.542

Per capita
Big 12                            Ranking    Per capita, percentage pounds

Kansas State University      68           8.370
Iowa State University         144         2.950
Texas Tech University         145         2.867
West Virginia University      150         2.696