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K-State Today

October 25, 2012

Letter to campus about cost of living increase

Submitted by Communications and Marketing

Dear Faculty and Staff,

We are pleased to announce that another strong increase in student enrollment this fall is resulting in a 1 percent base increase to mid-year salaries for all regular and term-appointed faculty and unclassified professionals.

The increase will take effect on the Jan. 4, 2013, pay date for 12-month positions and on the Jan. 18, 2013, pay date for nine-month positions.

While a modest financial bump, it is progress in the K-State 2025 goals of advancing our faculty and unclassified staff salaries closer to the compensation levels of those at our peer Top 50 public research universities.

This salary increase extends only to faculty members and unclassified staff. Salaries for classified positions are set by the Kansas Legislature and are not controlled by the university. Consequently, we can only adjust the salary of unclassified positions.

In addition to this base salary increase, the university will provide $1.5 million in targeted funds for faculty salary enhancements and $500,000 in targeted funds for unclassified professionals beginning in the 2014 fiscal year. This will help colleges address faculty salary inversion, equity and retention issues. Final decisions about how this funding will be strategically allocated in the colleges will be determined in upcoming months.

Thank you all for your continuous hard work at Kansas State University! Your efforts have been tremendous in elevating K-State's stature nationally as a research university and as the No. 1 choice for Kansas high school seniors year after year.

Onward and upward to the Top 50!

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President Kirk Schulz

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Provost April Mason

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Interim Vice President Cindy Bontrager