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K-State Today

August 7, 2019

English Language Program hosts 40 educators from Brazil

Submitted by Jolene McConnell

The English Language Program has been hosting 40 teachers from Brazil in the Programa de Desenvolvimento Profissional para Professores de Lingua Inglesa nos EUA program. The program is a six-week professional development opportunity for English teachers from public schools in Brazil.

Since the end of June, the group has participated in courses to further their English speaking, listening and teaching skills. They have networked with fellow English teachers from the English Language Program, as well as with English teachers from Saudi Arabia and Xinzhou University in China, and visiting Fulbright scholars.

In the Manhattan community, the teachers had the opportunity to visit local schools, Lee Elementary and Manhattan High School to see where local children learn and listened to the presentations of the principals about how local teachers approach education. The world language and English as a foreign language teachers also visited a group and had a panel discussion about current issues of language teaching.

Most recently, the visiting teachers attended the Summer Institute on Distance Learning and Instructional Technology conference at Fort Hays State University where they presented on the use of technology in Brazilian public schools.

In addition to activities on campus, the Brazilian teachers have interacted with the local community. They enjoyed the Fourth of July activities in Wamego, shopping in Kansas City, a visit to the Lazy Heart D Bison Ranch, a tour of the Kansas State Capitol in Topeka, a game night at Manhattan Public Library, and the Riley County Fair and Rodeo. They also volunteered at Furniture Amnesty Day.

The closing ceremony and reception will be from 2-4 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 8, in Regnier Forum at Regnier Hall. K-State community members are welcome to attend to meet with our departing colleagues.