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August 20, 2018

Reporting crimes and concerns helps keep campus community members safe and supported

Submitted by K-State Clery Compliance

Kansas State University is dedicated to helping all members of the K-State community have a positive educational experience, and is fully committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all. Nonetheless, developing and maintaining a safe and secure campus environment is the responsibility of the entire K-State community — security personnel, faculty, staff, students and visitors — not just individuals with distinct reporting obligations. While all members of the K-State community are encouraged to accurately and promptly report crimes and other emergencies to the appropriate law enforcement agencies, we know not all crime is directly reported to the police. Instead, many individuals who may decide to first tell a colleague, friend, mentor or advisor.

As such, the K-State Clery Act federal compliance program continues to sponsor various initiatives to increase awareness, educate and provide opportunities for community members to report crimes and other concerns.

As a reminder, a convenient reporting website where reports related to Clery Act crimes; academic violations; code of conduct violations; students of concern; discrimination; harassment, including sexual harassment; domestic violence; dating violence; retaliation; and stalking may be submitted.

The Report It webpage may be accessed directly at k-state.edu/report.

The Report It webpage also includes the Here to Help Guide, a resource for individuals who have experienced sexual violence, dating and domestic violence, and stalking. Information on counseling or therapeutic services, medical services, victim advocacy, legal assistance, visa and immigration assistance, and student financial aid assistance is available, in addition to options for reasonably available changes to academic, living, transportation or working situations.

Sexual violence, dating and domestic violence, and stalking are significant experiences and can be traumatizing. Each person's experience is unique and numerous options are available for support and reporting at the Manhattan, Olathe and Polytechnic campuses. It is important to note there is no one correct response — simply different options to access support and different reporting options.

The Here to Help Guide may be accessed directly at www.k-state.edu/report/here-to-help.

Because various individuals on campus may have multiple reporting responsibilities, campus community members are encouraged to discuss reporting obligations with colleagues, friends, mentors, or advisors on a regular basis.
Typically, mandatory reporting applies to people who have reason to suspect the abuse or neglect of a child, but it can also apply to people who suspect abuse or neglect of a dependent adult or the elderly. Under K-State's anti-discrimination policy, PPM 3010, the term "responsible employee" applies to individuals who must report information about discrimination, including harassment and sexual violence, dating and domestic violence, and stalking to the Office of Institutional Equity.

Campus Security Authorities, or CSAs, are responsible for reporting any Clery reportable crime about which they have knowledge that is alleged to have occurred within K-State's Clery geography.

Additionally, all university employees have an obligation to report threatening or violent behavior to the extent set forth under the university's threat management policy.

Any questions regarding the Report It webpage, the Here to Help Guide, or Clery Act compliance in general may be directed to Sarah F. Barrett, coordinator of Clery Act federal compliance, at ksuclery@k-state.edu.