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July 24, 2018

Opportunity to network and build community through Women of K-State Groups

Submitted by Kiley Moody

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Women of K-State is offering a new opportunity this year to further build community and connections between women across K-State through an informal opportunity to have lunch, breakfast, dinner, happy hour, etc. with a group or groups of women.

If you are interested in being grouped — approximately 8-10 women per group — with other women who share similar interests or life stages — e.g. singles; wine; late career; new moms, etc. — please complete the Women of K-State Groups survey by Friday, Aug. 3.

If you are interested in helping coordinate a group, which entails emailing the group members, and identifying a date, time and place to meet, you can indicate your interest in this role on the survey.

Once you complete the survey, you will receive an email the week of Aug. 13 with a list of group members and the coordinating person. From there you all will work to find a time, date and place to meet. We hope this allows for additional community and support building. If you have questions, please contact Kiley Moody at kmoody@k-state.edu.