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February 2, 2018

64 Ways to Practice Nonviolence

Submitted by Brandon Haddock

The Campaign for Nonviolence is a campus and communitywide initiative devoted to helping create a nonviolent culture through education and action.

The K-State Campaign for Nonviolence is working in many, varied ways to help build a culture of peace and nonviolence free from racism, discrimination, injustice, violence and oppression. The overall goal is to promote a community that is safe, respectful and equitable for all citizens. We strongly support and promote the K-State Principles of Community.

The Campaign for Nonviolence is hosting 64 Ways to Practice Nonviolence, which takes place during the 64 days between Jan. 30 and April 4, the assassination anniversaries of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. This initiative builds on KSUnite.

We learn to practice nonviolence one step at a time, one choice at a time, one day at a time, through our daily choices and actions. Please join the Campaign for Nonviolence as we celebrate these 64 days to practice nonviolence. Each day, we ask that you reflect on the word of the day and place it into practice in your everyday life. February began with appreciation. The following are the next few days and the words associated with them:

  • Feb. 2: Caring
  • Feb. 3: Believing
  • Feb. 4: Simplicity
  • Feb. 5: Education
  • Feb. 6: Healing
  • Feb. 7: Dreaming
  • Feb. 8: Faith
  • Feb. 9: Contemplation
  • Feb. 10: Groundedness
  • Feb. 11: Creativity