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June 11, 2012

A stitch in time: Alumni survey confirms K-State is a quality education

Submitted by Communications and Marketing

Earning a bachelor's degree is time well spent for Kansas State University alumni, according to a recent survey by the university's office of assessment.

The survey polled 1,718 one-year alumni and 1,807 four-year alumni. Of those who responded, 98 percent of the one-year alumni and 99 percent of the four-year alumni stated they would recommend the university to prospective students. Also, 95 percent of respondents in both areas indicated that -- if given the opportunity -- they would attend Kansas State University again.

The university's vice president for student life and dean of students, Pat Bosco, describes K-State as an output school.

"We take great pride in taking our students as they are when they come into college and helping each one achieve success -- for some students their achievements are significant," Bosco said.

The university will use the information to improve the college experience for future students by identifying strengths and growth areas within the university's academic programs.

Alumni were asked to determine the skills they rely on most in the work force. Both groups of alumni reported that the top three demanded skills are problem solving and analytical reasoning, computer skills and working with a diverse group of people.

"We will use the survey results to continue our focus on developing highly skilled workers and building a connected and diverse culture of learning that will prepare students for their professional lives in line with our vision to become a top 50 public research institution by 2025," said April Mason, university provost and senior vice president.

Not only are Kansas State University students learning some of the most important skills for their careers, but 96 percent of survey respondents also indicated that their quality of life has been enhanced by their undergraduate experience at the university.

"The feedback is very important to me," Bosco said. "It shows alumni are not only extremely happy with their time and money spent for their K-State education, but more importantly they can directly associate their success to our faculty, staff and a classic college atmosphere. This represents the K-State brand."

Additional information on the alumni survey -- including a summary and full report -- is available at the office of assessment's website at alumni survey.