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K-State Today

June 8, 2012

Faculty and students from psychology make conference presentations

Submitted by Kristi Harper

Several K-State department of psychology faculty members and students made presentations at the recent 12th annual meeting of the Vision Sciences Society in Naples, Fla.

Presenters included:

Ryan V. Ringer and Adam M. Larson, both doctoral students in psychology; John Zuercher, senior in psychology; Lester Loschkey, associate professor of psychology; and colleagues, presented the poster "Amplitude Spectrum Slope is More Important than Orientation in Rapid Scene Categorization."

Loschky, Ringer and Larson, along with Gabriel Hughes, senior in psychology; Kevin Dean, senior in computer science; Jamie Weiser, May 2012 bachelor's graduate in life sciences; Lori Flippo, December 2011 bachelor's graduate in psychology; and colleagues presented the poster "Developing a New Measure of the Useful Field of View for Use in Dynamic Real-World Scene Viewing."

Larson; Josh Hendry, senior in psychology; and Loschky presented the poster "Scene Gist Meets Event Perception: The Time Course of Scene Gist and Event Recognition."

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