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May 21, 2012

Psychology faculty, students publish and present

Submitted by Kristi Harper

The department of psychology has been active recently with an assortment of publications and presentations.

Satoris Culbertson, associate professor of psychology; Clive Fullagar, professor of psychology; and Maura Mills, alumnus, were published in the latest volume of the Journal of Happiness Studies. The group's publication was "Conceptualizing and measuring engagement: An analysis of the Utrecht Work Engagement Scale."

Mark Barnett, professor of psychology; Tammy Sonnentag and Taylor Wadian, both doctoral students in psychology; and Marcella Nichols, junior iin psychology, presented the paper "Children's evaluations of a typical and stigmatized storybook character: Evidence for (de)stigmatization-by-association," at the Midwest Social Development Consortium's May annual meeting in Lincoln, Neb.

Lester Loschky, associate professor of psychology; Adam Larson, doctoral student in psychology; Sanjay Rebello, associate professor of physics; and Adrian Madsen, doctoral student in physics, were published in the journal Physical Review Special Topics – Physical Education Research in May. The group's publication was "Differences in visual attention between those who correctly and incorrectly answer physics problems." The National Science Foundation funded their research.