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K-State Today

October 4, 2017

K-State Confucius Institute offers Chinese calligraphy, zither and folk dance lessons

Submitted by K-State Confucius Institute

The K-State Confucius Institute is accepting students for its new Chinese calligraphy, Guzheng — also known as the Chinese zither — and Chinese folk dance lessons.

Chinese calligraphy is a prized traditional visual art form that has existed for thousands of years. The writer uses brush and ink to write different styles of Chinese characters on rice paper. It requires hand-eye coordination along with focus and a peace of mind, and is a relaxing pastime for anyone interested in learning a new skill.

The Guzheng is a traditional stringed instrument that is played by using one's fingers to pluck the strings. It is commonly heard in performances featuring Chinese culture. The Confucius Institute will provide the instrument for students to use during class time.

The dance class will teach the folk dance of the Uyghur Ethnic minority group in northwest China. This style of dancing utilizes the head, shoulders, waist, arms and toes. The pace can be slow or fast to convey different emotions to the audience.

While calligraphy and dance lessons will be in small groups, there will be only one-on-one lessons for the Guzheng. No prior experience is required. All classes are $15 per lesson and we will work with students as much as possible to decide class times.

For more information or to sign up, please email confucius@k-state.edu or call the Confucius Institute office at 785-532-3680.