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April 20, 2017

Modern languages students to present at Initials research forum

Submitted by Melinda Cro

The modern languages department is hosting Initials, a student research forum, from 4-5:30 p.m. Friday, April 21, in Hale Library's Hemisphere Room. 

Students will share their research projects conducted over the course of the academic year. Topics include creative writing, translation, literature and linguistics.

Initials was founded in 2013 by Melinda Cro, associate professor of French, and Laura Kanost, associate professor of Spanish, to create a means for students to share their research and creative endeavors with the campus community as a whole. The modern languages department brings together faculty and students with diverse interests in a common goal — to learn about languages, cultures and literature.

Undergraduate students, their presentation, area of study and mentor are:

  • Katherine Boulanger, "De Gaulle's Spirit in Translation," modern languages — French, Kathleen Antonioli and Melinda Cro.
  • Catherine Caffera, "'Germany for Germans:' Examining the Social Media Use of Two Major Political Parties in Germany," modern languages — German and international studies, Janice McGregor.
  • Angélica Castro, "Neither Here nor There: The Search for Identity in Undocumented Immigrants Brought to the US as Children," modern languages — Spanish, Maria Depaoli. 
  • Eric Gudenkauf and Rey Irwin, "Sandmann to Sandman: A Parody into Madness," modern languages — German, Sara Luly. 
  • Katlyn Krause, "Atenas, Costa Rica comparada con el modelo para ciudades latinoamericanas," modern languages — Spanish, Laura Kanost. 
  • Lameese Madi, "La 'Playlist' du rap français: un dossier pédagogique," modern languages — French, Melinda Cro. 
  • Madison May, "L'Interdiction Burkini: La Discrimination Légalisée," modern languages — French, Kathleen Antonioli. 
  • Thomas Meek, "Los vegetales te harán feliz," modern languages — Spanish, Megan McCoy and Mary Copple. 
  • Anna Paczuska, "Priestesses and Patriarchy – The Daily Lives of Ancient Greek Priestesses," modern languages — classical studies, Benjamin McCloskey. 
  • Anne Recker, "Conservation in Costa Rica: Finding a Balance," modern languages — Spanish, Laura Kanost.
  • Frantina Williams, "Sprache und Identität im Saargebiet (Language and Identity in the Saar region)," modern languages — German, Janice McGregor. 

Graduate students, their presentation, area of study and adviser are:

  • Olivia Leno, "Holy Monstrosity: A Study of François Mauriac's 'Thérèse Desqueyroux,'" master's student in literature French, Kathleen Antonioli. 
  • Patrick Riggin, "Relics and Raiments: The Linguistic Indexes of Final Fantasy XII," master's student in second language acquisition, Mary Kohn, English. 

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