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April 11, 2017

Legislative Update

Submitted by Sue Peterson

The Kansas Legislature adjourned the 2017 regular session and will return for the veto session on May 1. Legislative leadership has indicated the remaining items to be addressed in the veto session will be the budget for fiscal years 2018 and 2019; revenue package to fund state government; and K-12 school finance formula.

Actions the legislature took prior to the first adjournment related to K-State:

The House and Senate passed House Bill 2052 the appropriations bill to balance the fiscal year 2017 budget. There were no additional budget cuts to K-State and higher education for FY17 in the bill. The bill now goes to the Gov. Sam Brownback.

The Legislature passed and the governor signed House Bill 2109. This legislation allows Kansas State University to sell three tracts of land: a small part of Marlatt Park on the east side of Seth Child Road; a small triangular piece of land in the University Research Park; and the site the Pure Bred Beef Unit currently occupies.

The Legislature passed and the governor signed Senate Bill 110. This legislation will assist J1 visa holders to acquire health insurance through their institutions. Approximately 55 employees are impacted at K-State. These employees are on J1 and J2 visas and their positions include professors, postdocs or in the research area.

Items still be resolved through the budget and legislation:

The governor's budget recommendations presented in January for fiscal year 2018 and fiscal year 2019:

  1. No base budget cuts for higher education and K-State are recommended for FY18 and FY19.
  2. Global Food Systems grant at K-State continued at $1 million for FY18 and FY19.
  3. Scholarships for K-12 teachers to teach in rural school districts — $3 million in FY18 and $6 million in FY19.
  4. Provide 50 full scholarships to the first university or college able to offer a bachelor's degree for $15,000. Kansas Board of Regents will create a task force to implement.
  5. $800,000 from Educational Building Fund for planning for a dental school.
  6. $5 million for medical scholarships for doctors in rural Kansas.
  7. Create a task force to start a privately funded osteopathic college in Kansas.

Legislative budget actions:

In committee action the Senate Ways and Means Committee and the House Appropriations Committee both added dollars back to K-State, K-State's College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Kansas, University of Kansas Medical Center, Wichita State University, Fort Hays State University, and Washburn University's budgets. The provision included in both budget bills will bring K-State and KU down to 4 percent reduction in fiscal year 2018 and 3 percent reduction in fiscal year 2019. Institutions whose allotment was 3 percent or less were not impacted by the provision.

Restore funding in FY18 University of Kansas and Kansas State University to a 4 percent reduction:

KU $1,557,657
K-State $1,121,539
Total $2,679,196

1. Restore funding in FY19 for all universities — except Emporia State University, Pittsburg State University, and KSU-ESARP* — to a 3 percent reduction:
KU $2,920,558
KUMC $354,393
K-State $2,146,060
K-State Veterinary Health Center $56,205
WSU $609,863
FHSU $43,218
Washburn $119,000
Total $6,249,297

*KSU-ESARP's allotment made in FY17 was 2.8 percent.

In other budget issues the Senate Ways and Means Committee recommended a 2 percent statewide salary increase for all state employees. The House Appropriations Committee rejected a similar amendment.

Finally, the Senate's budget bill, Senate Bill 189, has passed the Senate. The House budget bill House Bill 2364 has passed the Appropriations Committee but has not yet been debated by the House.


View a PDF document of bills of interest to higher education and K-State.

Please see the weekly updates every Tuesday in K-State Today through the Final Adjournment of the 2017 Kansas Legislature. In addition, the Office of Government Relations will host a Kansas Legislative Review Sessions from noon to 1 p.m. April 28 in 21 Bluemont Hall. Please see weekly updates for additional dates and location for sessions during the veto session. These sessions are open to the public and feel free to bring a brownbag lunch.