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K-State Today

March 6, 2017

Student of concern guide distribution to new faculty, staff and GTAs

Submitted by Carolyn Jones

K-State is known as a university that has excellent student support. In an effort to make sure all faculty and staff know how to best help students in need, the Office of Student Life and the Office of the Provost have developed the Faculty/Staff Student of Concern Guide.

New faculty, professional advisors and new graduate teaching assistants will receive a student of concern guide. This folder can help faculty and staff find resources to address a number of student concerns. The guide can offer guidance on emergencies and situations in which a student may be in distress. The entire guide is available online, as well as the student of concern reporting form, which allows you to submit students of concern to the office online

The guides are currently being distributed to faculty and graduate teaching assistants via campus mail. If you have questions about the guide, please contact the Office of Student Life at 785-532-6432. As always, the Office of Student Life is available to consult on various student situations.

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