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K-State Today

March 3, 2017

A letter from President Myers

Submitted by President Richard Myers

Dear K-Staters,

There are many examples where Kansas State University and its people have overcome significant obstacles. Our latest obstacle is the current budget situation.

A decline in enrollment and uncertain state funding made it necessary for the university's Budget Office to issue callbacks last week to deans and vice presidents for the 2017 fiscal year. To help lessen the impact of the callbacks, the university is redistributing some savings realized from a state contribution to help with this year’s 27th pay period. These one-time callbacks will help the university generate funds to support scholarships to qualifying students and offset a deficit in the central scholarship account.

The 2017 Kansas Legislature is still working to balance the state budget and will return to the State Capitol on Monday, March 6. The first adjournment is scheduled for April 7. If the Legislature makes adjustments to fiscal year 2017, we are acceding cuts.

Although the Kansas House of Representatives and the Kansas Senate passed a tax bill, it was vetoed by the Governor and did not receive enough votes to override the veto in the Senate. This still leaves the budget for this fiscal year up in the air as legislative committees continue to work on the fiscal years 2018 and 2019 budgets and write a new school finance formula.

As difficult work remains for our legislators, we will continue to provide updates about the state budget progress through K-State Today. This is not the first time this university has seen difficulties and unknown circumstances, yet K-Staters continue to show perseverance. That's why I'm proud to be a Wildcat!


Richard B. Myers