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January 24, 2017

International Integrated Pest Management and Fumigation Safety Training

Submitted by Bhadriraju Subramanyam

An International Integrated Pest Management and Fumigation Safety Training workshop is scheduled for Jan. 24-26, at Kansas State University's International Grains Program. 

The workshop is coordinated by Project Concern International, or PCI, a private voluntary organization whose mission is to empower people and enhance health, reduce hunger, and overcome hardship; K-State's grain science and industry department; and Industrial Fumigant Company in Lenexa. 

Participants attending the workshop include representatives from PCI, USAID, TOPS, international organizations such as Catholic Relief Services, Save the Children, Mercy Corps, World Vision, TechnoServe and Food for the Hungry.

The purpose of the workshop:

  • To familiarize participants with USAID's programmatic environmental assessment for fumigation of food-aid commodities.
  • Introduce best practices for commodity management to mitigate losses caused by insects and vertebrate pests through effective and safe use of pesticides and alternatives. 
  • To prepare participants to conduct field level trainings in countries that receive U.S. food aid.

The Office of Mediated Education at Kansas State University will assist with live webcasts of classroom presentations delivered at the International Grains Program. The hands-on demonstration of fumigation and fumigation safety equipment will not be streamed online.

The workshop is supported by a grant from the Technical and Operational Performance Support, or TOPS, program. The TOPS microgrants program is made possible by support and contributions to USAID.