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June 28, 2016

Females ages 18-35 needed for an iron bioavailability study

Submitted by Nicole Delimont

Volunteers are needed for a research study of 18-22 weeks that will examine changes in iron bioavailability with long-term supplementation of reported iron inhibitors. Participants will be asked to consume reported iron inhibitor containing drinks for four-week intervals, complete three dietary recalls per month, participate in taste testing, and have blood and saliva samples collected before and after supplementation periods. Between supplementation periods, there will be two-week intervals without any supplement or study participation.

In order to participate in the study, you must be a female between the ages of 18-35, not pregnant or planning to become pregnant within the study time frame and are available to pick up supplements weekly and come in for monthly sample collections.

Participants will be compensated for their time and participation — up to $900. Participants will learn about how different concentrations of reported iron inhibitors affect individual iron bioavailability and status over time, and impact their salivary proteins. Researchers will work with your schedule to help you participate in the study.

If interested, please contact Nicole Delimont at delimont@k-state.edu for more information. 

This study has been reviewed by the Institutional Review Board and has received approval number 8120.