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K-State Today

June 23, 2016

K-State engineers and geographer share water research at Chinese universities

Submitted by Shawn Hutchinson

Three Gorges University

Stacy Hutchinson, professor of biological and agricultural engineering, and Shawn Hutchinson, associate professor of geography, recently presented research emphasizing surface water resource quantity and quality on June 6 at Jilin University in Changchun and on June 8 at an international workshop for water resource utilization and management organized by China Three Gorges University in Yichang.

The Hutchinsons were accompanied in China by students Kari Bigham, Topeka; and Kelsey McDonough, Jamestown, Rhode Island. Both are doctoral students in the department of biological and agricultural engineering.

Research presentations included "Water SECURE: Water Sustainability and Environmental Conservation Utilizing Research and Engineering" by Stacy Hutchinson; "Monitoring Grassland Vegetation Condition and Trends using Moderate Resolution Satellite Image Time Series" by Shawn Hutchinson; "To Restore or Not: The Future of Degraded, Warm-Water Streams in Agricultural Landscapes in the United States" by Bigham; and "Urban Land Management Strategies for the Provision of Ecosystem Services" by McDonough.

The research tour of Chinese universities was conducted as part of an effort to organize a future study abroad experience in China focused on water resources where K-State and Chinese students would study hydrology and geospatial technologies in both the classroom and the field.