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K-State Today

June 20, 2016

Volunteers needed for nutrition research study

Submitted by Sam Emerson

Participants are needed for a research study in the food, nutrition, dietetics and health department. The study primarily involves coming to the lab, eating a meal — chocolate pie — and remaining in the lab for several hours while we monitor your metabolic response.

Participants will receive valuable information regarding personal health status, including body composition and metabolic markers and free chocolate pie. Participants also will receive $20. While in the lab, participants can be on a computer, read, etc.

Participants must be 60 years or older and have been generally active or inactive for most of their lifetime and not using lipid-lowering medication or having a history of diagnosed metabolic disease

Interested? Email Sam Emerson at same@k-state.edu for more information. 

This study has been reviewed by the K-State Institutional Review Board and has received approval number 8067.