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January 19, 2016

Ways to celebrate employees: Awards and recognition

Submitted by Derek Smith

One of the key components of the K-State Compensation Philosophy states, "We value the opportunity for recognition of the workforce for extraordinary performance through flexible and varied recognition programs."

Taking time to tell someone about the value of their work is a good way to show your appreciation for them. Telling others about the value of their work goes a long way as well. Our aim is that as our employees hear more about the contributions and achievements of their fellow workers, they will be inspired by them.

Listed below are various informal recognition ideas:

Sticky notes: Leave a handwritten note saying "thank you" and why you're thanking them. Stick it on your employee's desk so that when they come into work the next day, they'll receive a pleasant surprise.

Rotating trophy: Find a fun trophy, stuffed animal, or figurine that you can pass around the office. Give it to an employee who has exemplified one of your organizational values, and let them keep it on their desk for a week. Come the next week, let that employee hand it off to one of their peers who has done the same.

Spontaneous treats: Bring in donuts one morning or chilled drinks on a hot afternoon. Let your employees take a quick break to kick back and relax before they go back to their task at hand.

Daily wins: If an employee landed a huge account or pushed a new feature live, have them let their peers know. Post it on your internal chat or announce it during meetings. It's a great way for employees to highlight their own achievements in front of their colleagues.

Wall of fame: Snap photos of your employee's accomplishments or take candid shots of them hard at work. Celebrate their contributions by creating a collage showcasing their blood, sweat and hopefully not tears.

Send a card: Rather than giving employees a pat on the back or high-five, send a card to their home.

Cheer tee: Has someone done a spectacular act or went the extra mile at work? Have teammates sign a company tee with a thank-you message.

These are just a few informal ways for recognition. A more formal way to recognize our colleagues at K-State is to nominate them for the President's Award of Excellence for both Unclassified and University Support Staff employees. Nominations are due Feb. 1.