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September 4, 2015

Staley School of Leadership Studies announces LEAD 212 class leaders for fall 2015

Submitted by Ryan Haxton

The Staley School of Leadership Studies has selected 61 students to serve as class leaders for LEAD 212: Introduction to Leadership this semester.

LEAD 212 is a one semester course for two credits facilitated in two parts: large lecture sections of approximately 150 students each that meet once a week for 50 minutes, followed immediately by learning communities — small groups of 12-14 students — for an additional 50 minutes. Peer educators are juniors and seniors, called class leaders, who facilitate these learning communities.

A unique feature of this course is the use of peer-led learning communities, a high-impact educational practice for leadership development. Students selected to serve as LEAD 212 class leaders will facilitate these small group learning communities through discussions and active-learning activities. Class leaders serve as a liaison between students and instructors and help to connect first-year students to campus and community opportunities.

Class leaders began training last spring by completing several preparation and training sessions, enhancing facilitation skills and participating in service learning opportunities. Approximately 600 first-year students are enrolled in LEAD 212 for the fall semester.

The following students are fall 2015 class leaders for LEAD 212:

Katie Ahern, Ami Albert, Courtney Anschutz, Brady Armstrong, Joshua Banwart, Allyssa Barrios, Chance Berndt, Myranda Bower, Martika Chappell, Sarah Colburn, Jenny Cooper, Andrew DeBrie, Allison DuLac, Kaylee Engle, Cassie Enright, Aaron Evans, Katy Fernandes, Kathryn Fix, Madeline Frankel, Tanner Garver, Katie Gehrt, Kaitlyn Goddard, Graham Goodner, Emily Gray, Annie Greenwell, Gabriel Gutierrez, Emily Hail, Sarah Hansberry, Benton Harkey, Allison Harwood, Ellissa Heim, Chance Hunley, Emily Ingram, Jordan Jimerson, Morgan Jones, CJ Kadel, Kirk Kennedy, Nicole Kraly, Michael Lee, Emily Lehman, Ben Lewis, Katie Littell, Mackenzie Lutz, Madison May, Katie Meek, Mackenzie Mense, Maggie Meyer, Morgan Mobley, Arissa Moyer, Amanda Nelson, Daphne Park, Eden Randolph, Nicholas Rohrbaugh, Margaret Salisbury, Emily Stolfus, Amanda Stultz, Kylie Sturgis, Sophia Tolentino, Daphne Weber and Grace Works.