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August 24, 2015

2015 Space Migration Planning Project outcomes

Submitted by President Kirk Schulz

Last spring, the 2015 Space Migration Project was launched to leverage the space allocation opportunities created by new construction on the Manhattan campus. Eventually, we will all benefit from the Engineering Phase IV expansion, new College of Business building, Berney Family Welcome Center and the new Foundation building. 

I was pleased with the number of thoughtful proposals submitted from the campus community. The Space Migration Work Group, or SMWG, reviewed 19 concept proposals, narrowing the selection to 12 proposals. Over the summer they worked diligently to select the proposals that best utilized the spaces being vacated in Calvin Hall, Foundation Tower, Holtz Hall and Nichols Hall. I support the final Space Migration Work Group recommendations and I am pleased to announce the outcome of the Space Migration process.

Listed below are the successful proposals by building:

Calvin Hall

Calvin Hall will become the new home of the Arts & Sciences dean's office, the history and political science departments, and the security studies program (Proposal 02). There is little need for renovations and the plan maintains existing classroom space. Calvin classrooms are designated for general use and will be scheduled by facilities. Technology classrooms on the third floor will help address Information Technology Services' request for teaching and research computer labs (Proposal 05).

Foundation Tower

Three proposals requesting space in the Foundation Tower were accepted, which frees up space in the core of campus. Information Technology Services will expand to the second floor (Proposal 04), Engineering Extension will relocate from Ward Hall to the third floor (Proposal 08) and Financial Services will relocate from Anderson Hall to the fifth and sixth floors. The fourth floor will be used as swing space as other construction projects occur on campus.

Holtz Hall

The Tutoring Center (Proposal 07) will relocate to Holtz Hall from Leasure Hall and Lafene Health Center at Mercy, freeing up valuable space in Leasure Hall and consolidating tutoring services into a central location with easy access.

Nichols Hall

The communication studies department and School of Music, Theatre and Dance — already housed in Nichols Hall — will expand and reorganize to create more natural, collaborative groupings (Proposal 01). The Center for Engagement and Community Development will relocate to Nichols Hall from the Ahearn Gymnasium. Classroom spaces also will be available for the geology department. 

Read additional information about selected projects.

With the success of this space migration project, we will initiate a second round of space migration planning this fall. The second round will reallocate spaces being vacated as a result of the current space migration project. Additional details will be provided at a later date. Thank you to all for participating in our growth.

Go Cats!

Kirk Schulz