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July 7, 2015

Graduate certificate in business administration available for full-time university employees

Submitted by Brent Fritzemeier

Looking for a way to broaden your horizons and advance your career? The Kansas State University College of Business Administration offers a 15-hour graduate certificate in business administration that is perfect for unit managers, business office personnel, lab workers or any other employee looking to enhance their business knowledge.

Full-time university employees can take advantage of K-State's generous tuition assistance program by taking one course each semester and applying for employee tuition assistance. The courses are the same taken by K-State MBA students, and would apply directly to an MBA if certificate-earning students desire to continue their education.

An undergraduate degree from an accredited institution — along with three hours of prerequisite course work in calculus, economics and statistics — is required to take part in the program. The courses are available in both on-campus and online formats, allowing students to pick the option that is right for them. 

For fall admittance, applications need to be received by Aug 1. For more information on how to apply for the certificate or MBA programs contact Lynn Waugh at lwaugh@k-state.edu or 785-532-7190.

The classes required to complete the certificate are listed below:

  • ACCTG 810, Foundations of Accounting and Finance — A study of the nature of business transactions, including identification of relevant economic events and how those events are recorded in financial statements. Provides a working knowledge of analytical tools used for financial asset valuation and other decision-making purposes. Available in the fall semester.

  • MANGT 820, Behavior Management Theory — An in-depth analysis of the development of the behavioral bases of individual and group behavior in business, governmental, educational and other organizations with emphasis on current research literature and applications. Available in the fall and summer semesters.

  • FINAN 815, Corporate Finance — Advanced financial concepts and tools with emphasis on corporate valuation. Topics include risk and return, valuation techniques, capital budgeting, capital structure, options and futures, real options and financial risk management. Available in the spring semester.

  • MANGT 810, Operations Supply Chain Management — The study of the role of operations systems in the provision of value for the customer. Operations systems design, capacity determination, resource requirements planning and control, theory of constraints, supply chain management, quality management and control and project management are discussed and analyzed. Available in the spring semester. 

  • MKTG 810, Marketing Concepts and Research — Presents marketing concepts and marketing research concepts at the graduate level. Emphasis is directed toward managerial strategy development using marketing theories and applied marketing research techniques. Available in the spring semester.