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July 6, 2015

Marketing professor Swinder Janda’s research to be featured in the European Journal of Marketing

Submitted by Brent Fritzemeier

Kansas State University professor of marketing Swinder Janda, along with Dongguk University professor of international trade Hong-Youl Ha and City University of New York professor of marketing Myung-Soo Lee, will have their research featured in an upcoming issue of the European Journal of Marketing.

Their paper, "Effect of Economic and Social Satisfaction on Partner Trust: An Investigation of Temporal Carryover Effects," focuses on how two types of satisfaction — economic and social satisfaction — have differential effects on partner trust over time. Economic satisfaction focuses on goal attainment, productivity and financial outcomes while social satisfaction focuses on quality of the relationship with partner including mutual respect and willingness to share ideas.

The researchers used longitudinal survey data, two waves of data collected 24 months apart, in an effort to understand the dynamic process of channel relationships over time. Their findings indicate that these two types of satisfaction have differential effects on partner trust from the initial stage of channel relationships to the subsequent relationship period. It is found that over time, the strength of the relationship between economic satisfaction and partner trust decreases, while the effect of social satisfaction on partner trust increases.

Findings from this research have important implications for channel members aiming to enhance trust with partners. It finds that channel members should continually re-evaluate and redesign social interactions strategically during the course of a relationship with a business partner in order to enhance overall satisfaction and trust within the relationship.

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