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April 17, 2015

Financial Wellness: Financial workshops offered in 2015

Submitted by Human Capital Services Benefits

Human Capital Services in conjunction with TIAA-CREF Financial Services will offer the financial wellness workshop "The Starting Line — Why and How Retirement Saving Should Begin Now" for the K-State community at the Salina campus.

All employees and their financial partners are welcome to attend. Join us from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wednesday, May 13, at K-State Salina's Welcome Center classroom as we build practical budgeting and debt management skills to start saving for retirement. Register today.

Spouses and anyone who help the employee make financial decisions are encouraged and welcome to attend with the employee. The employee does not have be currently enrolled with a TIAA-CREF account.

Please feel free to bring your lunch as this workshop is over the lunch hour.

There's no time like the present to save for the future. Sometimes it's hard to think about retirement when you're early in your career. The truth is, that's when thinking ahead can do the most good. It all starts with some practical knowledge.

TIAA-CREF's workshop leaders will help you get ahead of your retirement saving with some tools and advice you can use right now:

  • Learn the real effect of time on money thanks to compounding and dollar-cost averaging.
  • Discover the differences between good and bad debt.
  • Learn the benefits of starting to contribute to your employer-sponsored retirement plan now.
  • See how budgeting can find money — and help you save it.

Register by clicking the link provided, then under the heading "Upcoming Seminars" click "At your Workplace." Select Kansas as your state and Kansas State University as your employer. Select the Wednesday, May 13, The Starting Line: Why and how retirement saving should begin now. Remember to bring your spouse or financial support person to share in this important seminar.