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March 13, 2015

Graduate School announces first Small Research Grant program awardees

Submitted by Geraldine Craig

The K-State Graduate School is announcing the recipients of its first Small Grant Program. The program was created to support direct research expenses for master's degree and doctoral students in their final year in the arts, humanities and social sciences. A peer-review panel of experienced faculty made the selections; the reviewers were from the performing arts, language arts/humanities and sociology. Selectivity was high, with 2.5 times the number of applications submitted than available funding.

The students and their research that was awarded funding:

  • Aaron Bisch, Model School.
  • Sooyoung Choi, Understanding roles of experiential value and perceived switching drivers on travelers' loyalty: An empirical study of third-party websites.
  • Robert Clark, Northern Evangelical Understandings of Submission to Civil Authority, 1763-1863.
  • Scott Fischer, Thesis exhibition.
  • Marco Hernandez, Culture through Printmaking and sharing the knowledge of the Printmaking process.
  • Glen Jarrett, Re-visioning the Developing World Education Campus.
  • Arjun Kharel, Women on the Move: Foreign Employment, Women Empowerment, and Nepalese State’s Contradictory Policies of Female Emigration.
  • Seunghyun Park, Tourist Experience and Word-of-Mouth: The Mediating Effect of Memory.
  • Jolynn Reigeluth, Whistle in the Dark: An MFA Thesis Exhibition.
  • Han Wen, Risk Communication When Serving Consumers with Food Allergies in Restaurants in the United States.

The new grant program was highly recommended in the Report of the Task Force on Needs of K-State Graduate Students in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Conducting Scholarly Activities completed in summer 2014. The task force was charged with identifying unique needs of graduate students enrolled in programs in those disciplines. The Graduate School responded to the task force recommendations by establishing this new opportunity in December 2014 for graduate students in these disciplines where department funding and teaching or research assistantships are limited.

"The strong number of applicants in this first period demonstrates the need for this research funding, and we plan to continue the program for 2015-16," said K-State Graduate School Dean Carol Shanklin. "The Graduate School is pleased to support high quality graduate student research as we implement 2025 initiatives to enhance the Graduate Student Experience."