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December 11, 2014

Highlights from the Dec. 9 Faculty Senate meeting

Submitted by Faculty Senate

These are the highlights from the Dec. 9 Faculty Senate meeting. Previous minutes are available on the Faculty Senate website as they are approved.


  • Marty Courtois and Beth Turtle were in attendance to answer questions regarding the proposed Open Access policy presented in the Faculty Affairs report. 

Consent Agenda:

  • President-Elect Guzek presented the consent agenda to senators, which was approved. Various course and curriculum changes including a new graduate certificate program in social justice education and a new option in the Bachelor of Science in Food Science in Industry were approved.

Standing committee and Student Senate reports: 

  • Academic Affairs: Senator Andy Bennett presented to senators for a vote the Open/Alternative Textbook proposal. This came before Senate last month for a first reading. FSCOT has given full support for this proposal. Bennett described the purpose of this proposal. After discussion, it was approved.
    • Senator Bennett reported that a course template for undergraduate research experience courses is being worked on. He discussed the background for this request. This may come before Senate in February for their review. This is a new initiative and questions were asked. A senator from Vet Med inquired about undergraduates who come to do research at their college and whether this course option will be available for them. This and other questions will need to be discussed in Academic Affairs as the course template is being developed.
  • Faculty Affairs: Senator Betsy Cauble reported that the committee is continuing to work on administrative reviews. They have received revisions to handbook sections from the University Handbook and Policy committee. They have also provided feedback on draft university compensation philosophies in coordination with Vice President Cheryl Johnson.
    • Senator Cauble presented to senators for a vote the revisions to Appendix M of the University Handbook regarding the procedure for review of dismissal of a tenured faculty member, which are for clarification and administration purposes. This came before Senate last month for a first reading. After discussion about various aspects of the policy, it was approved. Before revisions are made in the handbook, it will go forward to the Provost and the Kansas Board of Regents for approval. 
    • Senator Cauble presented the proposed Open Access policy to senators for a first reading. Marty Courtois and Beth Turtle were present and answered many questions about the proposed policy and its purpose. The proposed policy, likely with a few edits, will be back on the Senate agenda in February.
    • Senator Cauble presented the Social Media Policy Procedures, as submitted by the ad hoc committee, for a vote by Senate. This policy will be placed in the university's policies and procedures manual, or PPM. This describes the procedures to be followed if a non-student employee is alleged to have violated the Kansas Board of Regents Social Media policy. The proposed procedures were reviewed by Faculty Affairs, Professional Staff Affairs, and University Support Staff Senate. After discussion, the procedures were approved. It was determined that it would be appropriate to have these procedures in the university handbook as well.
  • Professional Staff Affairs (PSA): Senator Danielle Brown reported the committee is continuing their work on administrative reviews, defining professional staff, and edits to Section C of the university handbook. They met with Vice President Cheryl Johnson last month to give feedback on draft compensation philosophies, which were presented to them. 
  • Student Senate: Senator Cody Kennedy reported on changes in their Tuition Strategies committee. He also reported that the Lifeline 911 policy was passed by Student Senate and is before Faculty Senate today for a vote of support. He provided a brief background regarding the policy. He also announced the first K-State Tutoring website, which will be very helpful to students. 
  • FSCOT: Senator Don Crawford reported on the committee’s recent activities. He announced the LiveSafe App that is now available for K-State use and explained the background and its purpose. It can be found on the Google Play Store and the Apple app store as well. He reminded senators of the deadline to submit grades. He reported that additional CANVAS training sessions will be from Jan. 5–8 and Jan. 12-15; individuals may sign up through HRIS. There was a request that the training be more in depth, otherwise it may not provide the help individuals are looking for. Senator Crawford also reported that two Data Center cost models are being discussed. Office 365 is on track for completion of Phase II in the spring semester of 2015. 
  • FSCOUP: Senator Barbara Anderson reported FSCOUP will meet with Sue Peterson, director of governmental relations, on Thursday. She presented to senators for their support the Lifeline 911 Policy, initiated by Student Senate. After discussion, Faculty Senate voted to approve giving their support of the policy.  

 New Business 

  • President Rintoul presented for a first reading the proposed amendment to the Faculty Senate by-laws, which removes the January meeting as a regularly scheduled meeting. 

David A. Rintoul, Ph.D.
Associate Director/Graduate Program Director
Biology Division
Faculty Senate President
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506