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December 7, 2011

Reminder: Academic Excellence proposals due Dec. 15

Submitted by Suzy Auten


The offices of the president and provost have traditionally provided funds for one-time expenses across campus. These monies have been used for a wide variety of different projects, including things like bringing speakers to campus, purchasing needed pieces of equipment, providing travel support, or assisting with modest renovation projects.

Frequently, separate requests were made to each office to secure financial support for a specific project, which was often inefficient. To make these funds easier to access and to provide equitable opportunities for units across campus to apply for these funds, all requests will go toward one centralized pool of funds. Proposals seeking normal operating funds will not be considered from the Academic Excellence Fund, and will be returned.

Guidelines for submission

Proposals for these Academic Excellence Fund monies will be accepted twice per year and are due on Sept. 15 and Dec. 15.  Awards for the September submission deadline will be announced on approximately Oct. 15, therefore proposals should not include requests for monies needed before Nov. 1.  The funding decisions for the December submission deadline will be announced on approximately Jan. 23 and should not include requests for monies needed before Feb. 1. 

Proposals should be in a letter format (one page maximum), and should address the following key points:

1.         What is the requested amount of the proposal?
2.         Who will this proposal impact on campus in terms of advancing scholarship at Kansas State?
3.         What other information should be considered when deciding on the merits of your proposal?

Proposals should be sent in electronic format to: Academic Excellence Fund, Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President, Email: AcadExcellFund@k-state.edu.