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October 31, 2014

Geological Society of America annual meeting presentations

Submitted by Saugata Datta

The following are the presentations from the geology department students and faculty at the Geological Society of America Meeting, Oct. 19-22, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Matt Brueseke and colleagues presented "Investigating the lost arc: Geological constraints on 25 ~million years of magmatism along an arc-transform junction, Wrangell volcanic belt, Alaska" and "Neogene basaltic volcanism and mantle evolution in the Idaho-Oregon-Nevada region: Implications for northwestern USA tectonomagmatic development."

Pamela Kempton and colleagues presented "U-Pb Zircon ages in lower crustal xenoliths from the southern Superior Province: Evidence for onset of supercontinent breakup at 1.4 Ga beneath the Upper Michigan Peninsula?"

Saugata Datta and colleagues convened "Geology of Metals and Human Health Impacts" and "Groundwater and Surface-Water Arsenic: From Source to Sink" sessions.

Datta, with graduate students Brent Campbell, Austin Krehel and Md Golam Kibria; undergraduate student Michael Vega; high school student Cooper Yerby; and colleagues Sara Gragg, Prosun Bhattacharya and Pamela Kempton, made the following presentations:

  • "Sorption of arsenic within aquifer sediments and processes of bioaccumulation and localization of arsenic within rice grown in these sediments from Bangladesh and India"
  • "Characterizing sediment geochemistry and microbial interactions in assessing the processes of release of arsenic in the sedimentary aquifers of Matlab region, south eastern Bangladesh"
  • "Manganese in groundwaters in the sedimentary aquifers of Bengal Basin Delta, east of the river Bhagirathi, West Bengal, India and Bangladesh"
  • "Elevated Manganese in groundwater: A health concern for drinking water supplies concomitant with the global groundwater Arsenic crisis?"
  • "Microbiology and water quality assessment of the Lower Gangetic Plains, Bangladesh"
  • "Geochemical and experimental investigation to assess the feasibility of CO2 storage within the Arbuckle aquifer, Kansas"