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August 21, 2014

Coming soon: New K-State Advisor Center in iSIS

Submitted by Steve Dandaneau and Diana Blake

During the past year a team of academic advisors from each college, technology experts from information technology services, and other stakeholders have been working to design and build a new K-State Advisor Center in iSIS.

Designed specifically for K-State academic advising, the new K-State Advisor Center is the largest and most complex iSIS development project to date. Given the large scope of the project, the new K-State Advisor Center will be released in phases.

Phase 1 of the new K-State Advisor Center will be released Sept. 2. Academic advisors and others who have been granted the advising role in iSIS will be able to:

  • View and personalize a list of advisees that includes key advisee information at a glance
  • Add and remove unofficial advisees from the advisee list
  • Download advisee information to Excel
  • Create static lists of advisees to track over time
  • Create dynamic lists of advisees based on specific criteria — career, GPA, academic standing, etc.
  • Add and remove advising holds from the advisee list
  • Schedule and run Academic History, DARS, and Advisee Photo Rosters for one or more advisees at once
  • Send email with attachments to one or more advisees
  • Send a list of advisees to someone else such as to the dean's office

Open forum presentations and advisor training on the new KSU Advisor Center will be offered in September. Dates, times and locations will be announced soon.